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Have you got a Minute?

The following are a few summaries of the journey between “we have this challenge” through a robust design and delivery phase concluding in what our customers have said about the work.

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Following initial contacts often starting with “have you got a minute” or “I was just wondering” the exploration of the challenge take many forms. A number of CEO’s refer
to ongoing meetings as their “Cafe Conversations”, sometimes conversations turn into coaching assignments and sometimes Action Learning groups or large change projects.

Over a workshop dinner we were asked “How do I get my globally dispersed team of managers aligned and fired up. How do I shift patterns of work which are good to real high performance? We showed this senior manger a framework which intentionally asks 7 Key questions which leaders have to resolve and followed this up with a practical demonstration of how to shift patterns of behaviour and performance. The framework was on the back of
a napkin and the practical demonstration used anything and anyone we could find in
the hotel.


Hi, just a note: I am returning from Guadalajara site where I introduced the Team Performance material, method and benefits to 6 team managers (they have 200+ total within their organisation). The managers were very excited to be able to use within their teams soon. They are all very passionate to reach high performance - which is why I offered this additional insight in the first place. I know they will use it, and gain the benefits.
I had the opportunity to do the "ball hand-off" exercise with a team. It had fantastic results and they will demonstrate with their supervisor when she returns from travel. This is indication of how focused their brand new team is to reach high performance: We did the exercise with 25 people sitting at a long table in Guadalajara lunch restaurant. We passed butter knives instead of balls. The initial dropping knives brought laughter to whole restaurant. In the end, the smooth hand-off of knives brought silence to entire restaurant. (Not ideal location, but limited time and a passionate client team, how could I resist?)
They loved the analogy and benefits. I think I may have started something really big.

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