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Products - Consulting Techniques, Leader as Strategist, Leading Change, The High Performance Team Leader, Managing Conflict

We are often asked to deliver programmes or workshops for different organisations who turn out to have broadly similar challenges.

Therefore, in order to keep design costs low, we have developed a small core of “off the shelf products” which often chime with the themes our clients are wrestling with.

Each one of these offerings can however be tailored to fit a customer's particular requirements, but the similar framework of each programme, with its core set of tools, activities, challenges and diagnostics all help to keep costs down.

The descriptions to the right, are brief overviews of these programmes.


Consulting Techniques
This programme can transform your technical experts into collaborative, customer focussed, solutions led champions. This programme has formed a core element of Hewlett Packard's technical and project management business development strategy for over 8 years and has helped literally transform their customer service performance over that time.
Leader as Strategist
This series of short, practical, and interactive workshops will help your leaders to create and define meaningful visions, translate these into intelligent strategic plans, and finally turn these into elegant and easy to execute operational goals for each and every worker in their organisation.
Leading Change
Research shows that most change initiatives fail to produce the uplift in performance they had planned. The 20% of organisations who were successful however were always able to answer 3 fundamental questions. This programme will help leaders not only understand the questions but also how to answer them by building the right kind of momentum and agility into their plans. In essence, this programme will show leaders how to ensure their organsation is one of the 20% by “modelling the way” for their followers and peers.

The High Performance Team Leader
There are 2 ways High Performing Teams emerge. The first is the "I got lucky” strategy where the chemistry just 'happens' to make things work. Sadly, this 'chance' approach doesn’t happen often enough to be reliable! The second is to intentionally create a high performance team. This programme takes delegates through the 7 critical stages of HTP's and equips them with a range of tools to ensure that each stage is properly diagnosed, explored, managed and connected to the next stage of performance.

Managing Conflict
As leaders we inevitably have to deal with conflict as a result of change, competing interests, politics, and personality clashes to name but a few. However, our internal conflicts can often be some of the hardest to deal with. This programme therefore equips leaders with core skills in self awareness, confidence buidling, facilitation, mediation, diaglogue and relationship building to handle a wide range of work based conflicts.

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